Astrophotography Is Easy!

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Titel: Astrophotography is Easy!
Författare: Gregory I. Redfern
Språk: Engelska
Utgiven: 2020
Format: Häftad
ISBN: 9783030459420Astrophotography is Easy!

* Focuses on true beginners in astrophotography, assuming no prior knowledge of the subject

* Covers the scientific background, necessary equipment, and field techniques for photographing the sky

* Avoids overly technical material in favor of a casual, reader-friendly guide

There are many books covering different facets of astrophotography, but few of them contain all the necessary steps for beginners in one accessible place. Astrophotography is Easy! fills that void, serving as a guide to anybody interested in the subject but starting totally from scratch. Assuming no prior experience, the author runs through the basics for how to take astrophotos using just a camera—including cell phones and tablets—as well as a telescope and more sophisticated equipment.

The book includes proven techniques, checklists, safety guidelines, troubleshooting tips, and more. Each chapter builds upon the last, allowing readers to master basic techniques before moving on to more challenging material. Also included is a comprehensive list of additional books and resources on a variety of topics so readers can continue expanding their skills.

Astrophotography Is Easy! doesn’t simply teach you the basic skills for becoming an astrophotographer: it provides you with the foundations you will need for a lifelong pursuit.

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